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Andrei Yalanski

Andrei Yalanski

1959 - present

Andrei Yalanski was born in 1959. After a series of art exams, he was admitted to the Kiev State Institute of Fine Arts, where his advanced art education lasted a full six years. The sixth year was entirely devoted to his portrait diploma work. Andrei graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Kiev State institute of Fine Arts (Ukraine, in 1984), where he majored in oil painting. Andrei received the highest grade on his diploma work and was automatically accepted into the Artist Union, which is considered to be the most elite group of artists in the rigidly structured Soviet society. Andrei carries on the tradition of artistic excellence inherited from his teachers enriched with his own deep understanding of the great art of the past. His intimate genre works are eagerly sought by knowledgeable collectors. Many of his art works can be found in private collections in the former USSR territories, Japan, France, Spain, USA and Great Britain. His work has been shown in prestigious events in regional, national and international art shows and exhibitions (Kiev, Moscow, Bordeaux, Glasgow, New York, Baltimore).

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