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Benjamin O. Eggleston

Benjamin O. Eggleston

1867 - 1937

Benjamin Eggleston was born on January 22,1867 in Belvedere, Minnesota. Eggleston moved to the East Coast and settled permanently in Brooklyn. He exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association in 1891, the National Academy of Design from 1890 - 1895 and again from 1897 - 1900, the Art Institute of Chicago in 1890, the Paris Salon in 1896, the Boston Art Club in 1898 and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 1904 - 1906. It is believed that "Dance of the Surf Nymphs" is based on the musical composition of the same name by composer Henry Cotter Nixon. Nymphs, according to Greek mythology are the spirits of nature. Surf Nymphs, also called Nereids, are the playful and ethereal spirits of the waters. There are only 50, and they are the granddaughters of Pontus the Sea God and Gaea, the Earth Mother.

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