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Bennett Hubbard

Bennett Hubbard

1806 - 1870

Bennett Hubbard was born in Louth, Lincolnshire in 1806 where he had his home in Nichol Hill. He was a frequent visitor to Hampstead and North Wales. It was at his home in Nichol Hill that he died on April 110, 1870. He was primarily a portrait painter but also painted excellent animal portraits including cattle and horses. He worked mainly in oil, although he was also a very competent watercolorist. His studio is recorded as being in Chequergate, Louth. So proud was he of his ability to paint skin tones, that he would ask his clients to distinguish between the back of his hand and the skin tones in his paintings. Hubbard studied art under William Etty, R.A., and John Varley, O.W.S. He was the son of Matthew Barton Hubbard, a hairdresser of Louth and his wife Catherine. His brother was Richard Hubbard (1811 - 1890), and eminent engraver. He exhibited seven works at the Royal Academy between 1938 and 1864 that included two portraits of ponies and spaniels.

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