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Charles Ayre Whipple

Charles Ayre Whipple

1859 - 1925

The original painting of "Les Illusions Perdues" was painted by Swiss artist Charles Gleyre (1806 - 1874). It is painted in the Neo-Classical style and depicts an aging poet on the banks of the Nile watching his youthful hopes and dreams sail away, as symbolized by the young musical maidens and cupid scattering flower petals. The piece was done around 1835 and currently hangs in the Louvre. This copy was painted by American artist Charles Ayre Whipple (1959 - 1928). Whipple studied painting in America and in Paris at the Académie Julian under Bouguereau. It was in Paris that Whipple sat in the Louvre and painted his version of "Le Illusions Perdues" in 1889.

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