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Charles Kellner, Chicago Colorist

Charles Kellner, Chicago Colorist


Charles Kellner, born in Kasa, Czechoslovakia, became an early 20th Century Chicago painter, known for still lifes, landscape, portrait, and figure painting with portraits being the subjects that brought him the most renown.
He showed early art talent, but his parents were very poor and could not afford lessons for him. Upon settling in New York City as a young man, he worked in various factories during the day and attended art schools at night.

Then he moved to Chicago where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the Chicago Art Institute where he studied with Victor Higgins and Wellington Reynolds.

He served in the army during World War I, and after the armistice was part of the Topographical Department sent to Koblentz. There, seeing an opportunity to obtain more art education, he enrolled in the American Art School. After that, he studied at the American Art School in Paris, where he received a scholarship and won first prizes in landscape and portrait painting.

Returning to Illinois, he continued to paint subject matter that had stimulated him in Europe including the quaint villages of France. He had also been much influenced by the work of the Old Masters that he had seen in museums.
Exhibition pamphlet, "Exhibition of Portraits and Paintings by Charles H. Kellner, April 1938", sponsored by the All Illinois Society of the Fine Arts, Chicago. Courtesy, Sidney C Hamper, Director, Vanderpoel Art Association.

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