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Contance Eger Shneider

Contance Eger Shneider

XX - XXI century

Our autumn show will feature paintings from the estate of artists Constance Eger Shneider. Mrs. Sneider was an artist who focused on the female nude as the muse of her inspiration, which covered a 20+ year span of time. A regular exhibitor at local and regional art competitions, she is one of the few artists to have the distinction of her work being "banned" from the Congressional Senate Office Chambers in Washington D.C. due to Republican censorship. The "banned", offensive painting was welcomed in Representative Bareny Frank's offices for the duration of the exhibition. Her career was cut short by lung cancer, from when she died last year at the height of her artistic powers. We are proud to have been asked to feature her retrospective show, which will Include over 25 works in the gallery from October 23 - November 13. Half the proceeds from the sale of her work will be donated to the nonprofit cancer survivors assistance foundation called "LUNGevity".

Available paintings by Contance Eger Shneider

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