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Ecolede Argenteuil

Ecolede Argenteuil

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Though less well known today than Giverny, the small suburban town of Argenteuil, situated down the Seine from Paris, was the single most important site for the birth of Impressionism. It was here that Claude Monet and his colleagues invented and codified a new artistic language of broken brushwork and divided light and color, addressing themes of unprecedented modernity. Working in the open air and often side by side, they depicted sailboats and regattas, train trestles and towpaths, gardens and factories, as well as their families and each other. With apparent spontaneity, they captured not only the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere but also the character and temper of the age. Their subjects struck the critics as startlingly progressive. Monet first settled at Argenteuil in 1870 and was joined at various times by Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, Alfred Sisley, Eugéne Boudin and Gustav Caillebotte. The subject matter and style of these artists became nothing less than a revolution in the art of painting. In a uniquely topical fashion they defined the genius loci, the spirit of place of Argenteuil, its landscape, people, customs and pastimes.

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