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Edward Hajdin

Edward Hajdin

1953 - present

American Impressionist Edward Hajdin was born in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1953. Hajdin was eight ears old when he began taking lessons from artist Emma Hayhurst, then studied under the tutelage of Roy Riethmiller for eight years. After high school he attended William E. Gebhardt School of Art in Cincinnati, Ohio, in addition to private lessons under the supervision of Harry Holbert and Frederick Taubes. Today, Hajdin is known for his unique interpretation of city scenes and landscapes. He has traveled throughout France and England, scenes that often appear in his paintings. His renderings of American cities such as New York, Chicago and Pittsburgh are highly sought after. His palette knife technique has been praised by critics. Despite increasing recognition as one of America's leading Impressionist artists, Hajdin still considers himself "a street painter who got lucky." Hajdin's works hang in private collections throughout the Untied States and have been collected by Equibank, The Duquesne Club and the City of Pittsburgh.

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