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Ernest Kasas

Ernest Kasas

1901 - ??

Ernest Gyimesy Kasas was an Hungarian artist born in 1901. He spent time in both Chicago and East Chicago, and in Indiana before moving to New York, where he lived for most of the 1950s and 1960s. Working on canvas and burlap, Kasas painted a diverse group of subject matter, including figure studies and landscapes, both local and foreign. Kasas also completed works in the 1930s for the city of East Chicago as part of the Works Progress Administration Arts Project; among his finest pieces are an allegorical painting that hangs in the Robert A. Pastrick Branch Library and the 1935 East Chicago Municipal Court mural that was highlighted in a 2004 exhibition in Indiana. Kasas also co-authored a book with fellow Hungarian Leslie L. Konnyu titled Professional Hungarian Artists Outside of Hungary.

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