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Frederick William Watts (attributed)

Frederick William Watts (attributed)

buy topamax online 1800 - 1862

Frederic Watts, an English landscape artist was born in 1800 and spent the first half of his life in Hampstead, outside of London. John Constable who greatly influenced his style and technique also resided in Hampstead. Watts painted a few Continental landscapes, but much preferred to paint the English country side depicting typical scenes of rivers, bridges, lush greens, castles and ruins. He is regarded as one of England's most accessible painters, greatly admired by a wide audience. Frederick Watts exhibited in the National Watercolor Society, the Royal Academy, the British Institution, and Suffolk Street. His work is represented in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Brooklyn Institute of Art in New York. Watts died in 1862 in Haverstock Hill, England.

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