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Gerhard Nesvadba

Gerhard Nesvadba

buy Clomiphene pct 1943 - present

Gerhard Nesvadba was born in 1941 near Frankfurt, Germany. In 1943 his parents moved to Vienna. In high school his favorite subjects were drawing and painting. His professor was so impressed by Nesvadba's talent that he offered him private lessons and taught him various techniques of painting. The young Nesvadba saw his aims in abstract compositions and when he had his first exhibition in Stockholm, criticism was outstanding. Further exhibitions followed in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria. To complete his studies, Nesvadba visited many museums all over Europe. Traveling a lot he was impressed by the variety of the European landscape. One time going from Sweden to Austria in marvelous summer weather he decided to do impressionistic landscapes. His success with these new paintings was so extraordinary that he made the decision to go on in this style. Nesvadba now is an artist of worldwide renown. His exhibitions are numerous.

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