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J. Deveau

J. Deveau

Later half 20th century

J. Deveau is a westernized pseudonym for the S.Korean artist who was born during WWII, believed to be 1942; he and whose family suffered the catastrophe of both world war and civil war. Nevertheless, he was intensely interested in art, both his native Korean tradition and Western painting. HIs career began in the 1970's and peaked between the 1990's and the first decade of the 21st century. His accomplishments are notable and he was a pioneer in his generation to fuse Asia/Korean sensibilities with Western painting technique. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS AND NOTABLE COMPETITIONS: "Shingihyo Exhibition", Press Center(Seoul, Korea) "Arum Art Exhibition ", Gumnam Gallery(Seoul, Korea) "Seoul Artist Exhibition", Seoul Shinmunsa(Seoul, Korea) "Korea Gusang Artist Exhibition", Seoul Municipal Gallery(Seoul, Korea) "16 Western Artists' Exhibition", Kyong-o Gallery(Seoul, Korea) "Asia Art Preview", Paris Culture Center(Seoul, Korea) "Seoul Academy Art Exhibition", Whanwon Gallery(Seoul, Korea) "Sanghyung Exhibition", Gopyong Art Hall(Seoul, Korea). Regrettably J.DEVEAU succumbed to alcoholism and died in 2010.

Available paintings by J. Deveau

There are currently no paintings available for this artist.