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J. Lancaster Hooper

J. Lancaster Hooper

XIX - XX century

The artist was born in London, where he lived and worked most of his life. He was a painter of landscapes and coastal scenes, which he did in oil and watercolor. Hooper painted in a broad, naturalistic style. His work is very similar to that of his brother, John Horace Hooper and also of Henry John Kinnaird. That is, he used bright colors and a rather loose style that is invariably attractive. Many of his works were painted in pairs, i.e., morning and evening, etc. Evening river landscapes, usually with a barge or figures are very typical of his single works. He painted views around Henley, Windsor, Egham, Pangbourne, Burnham, Papledurham and Sonning. Hooper's paintings have been exhibited at the Royal Society of Artists in Birmingham on two occasions, at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool once and the Manchester City Art Gallery four times.

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