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John Powell

John Powell

1930 - present

The son of a prominent Pasadena artists, Powell's career as a painter began early in life. Oil paintings were produced at the age of sixteen. Hours were spent in his father's studio, observing, listening and painting. The Southern California vicinity was a wondrous area for a fledging artist in the 1950s. Powell talks about the camaraderie of the Hollywood artists who congregated at Barney's Beanery, and includes such notable names as Ed Kienholz and John Altoon. Powell considers the association with this productive and creative group a valuable element in his career. In the ensuing years, John Powell would continue to seek a creative environment. Living in the picturesque town of Santa Barbara, with winding roads and lush gardens, the artist imparts, "I love my environment. My environment is a very, very strong part of my painting. The gardens I have and the flowers around me, I use them all in my paintings." An incessant traveler, John has found inspiration in many other parts of the world. Early in his career the artist lived briefly in Japan. Although technical training was not provided during this time, his aspirations were raised by what he saw in the exotic land. The influence is often recognized in his work today. His travels have provided stimulation as well as subjects for a plethora of paintings. Luxuriant birds, flowers and art objects are observed, studied and interpreted in paintings in the Santa Barbara studio. The visual experiences have proved invaluable to this creative artist and his extraordinary mode of expression. During recent years, John Powell has taken his innovative style to another level. Although the oeuvre of paintings represents a realistic interpretation of the world, the works are not rendered with academic preciseness. Using acute sensitivity to color and delicate brushwork, Powell creates magical images. "I throw a lot of my fantasy into my paintings," Powell says. "For instance, I may add more flowers than you could possibly have in one place." We sense his pleasure in arranging nature. "I sometimes make things better than they are, at least to my eye." Art historian Richard J. Wattenmaker wrote, "When illustration reaches a deeper level of expressiveness than that of recording facts, it reaches art." On viewing these exceptionally original and passionate works, we recognize how brilliantly the artist has achieved his goal.

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