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Justo Ruiz-Luna

Justo Ruiz-Luna

1865 - 1926

From E. Benezit; Born and died in Cadiz, Spain, Justo Ruiz-Luna is noted for his history paintings, genre scenes, portraits, interiors, landscapes, marines, watercolors and pastels. A student at the School of Fine Arts in Cadiz, then a student of the famous spanish painter Jose Villegas, he journeyed to Rome to continue his education. He was exhibiting in group shows already by 1882, and continued in Madrid in 1886, 1888, 1891, and Munich in 1906. He obtained medals of honor, first, second and third in these early exhibitions and again later throughout his career. Versatile in many genres, he excelled in his marines, represented in the Cadiz Provincial (City) Museum and the Madrid Modern (City) Museum. His bibliography includes F.Perz Mulet "La Pintura Graditana, 1875-1931" published Cordoue, 1983 and "Catalogue de le'exposition Peintres Andalous a l'Ecole de Rome" published Grenade, 1989.

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