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Karl Kustner

Karl Kustner

1861 - 1934

Carl Kustner was born into a farmer’s family in the German town of Guntersblum on the Western bank of the Rhine and received, through his own pluck and interest, a remarkably well rounded education that ranged from his agricultural roots, through  a business high school and ending in the Munich Art Academy under the tutelage of one of Bavaria’s most renown artists of the late 19th century, August Fink.  Kustner became involved with the Munich Secession Moment in the beginning of the 20th century, a forward looking  and loosely organized (they were artists, after all) art style based on progressive values.  Yet deeply conservative in orientation, his most cherished works are the landscapes which sprang from his childhood  memories.

Available paintings by Karl Kustner

Winter Landscape

Size: 20" x 24"

$ 4,900.00