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M. William

M. William


The artist’s name is Ma Wei Jie, and his English or artist signature name is M. William. He was born in Yu Su, Jul Guang Providence on October 1979. He started painting ever since he was a little child, and he attended Jul Guang Providence Art Institute, and studied oil paintings. After graduating, he has been working as an artist since 1999, and many of his paintings were displayed in art exhibitions such as Jul Guang Providence Exhibition and Shenzhen Oil Painting Exhibition. He was given an award of excellence during the 2008 Shenzhen Oil Exhibition. His expertise is on painting impressionistic seascapes and landscapes. He is especially well known for his smooth and dynamic brushstrokes, and lively color compositions. He currently resides in Shenzhen, Guang Dong Providence with his wife and his daughter, and during his free time, he likes to hike and play soccer. 

Available paintings by M William

Ocean Path

Size: 56" x 60"

$ 5,000.00