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Natanson Lipa

Natanson Lipa

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Natanson Lipa was born in 1935 in Iasi, Romania. He attended the High School of Arts in Iasi, and at the age of fourteen, he began studying drawing under graphic designer V. Dobrian. After completing high school Lipa was accepted at the Art Academy in Bucharest. He trained in the atelier workshop of G. Labin and P. Constantinescu. He specialized in painting frescoes, particularly extremely large ones. In 1960 Lipa returned to Iasi. He taught drawing at his old school and began exhibiting widely around Romania. In 1961 he was given the prestigious commission from the Ministry of Culture to execute a fresco at the Youth and Students Culture Hall in Iasi. He than began exhibiting annually at the Association of Rumanian Artists. In 1967 he immigrated to Israel. Lips's work is represented in regional museums throughout Romania and Israel as well as the National Museum of Art in Bucharest.

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