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Octave-Denis-Victor Guillonet

Octave-Denis-Victor Guillonet


Octave-Denis-Victor Guillonnet was the "official painter" of the 3rd French Republic. Wide-ranging and versatile in his abilities and subject matter, he epitomized the height of fin-de-siecle European culture. His work was widely exhibited and widely sought after by the collectors of his era. He employed an elegant post-Impressionist technique to render large-scale historical tableaux and genre scenes of French culture and life in the early 20th century. He is perhaps the poster artist for a style of art that came to be known as "Decorative," and he is considered an "anti-modernist." Although his own career waned because of the depression and the war, he championed a new generation of artists who came to be known widely as the second generation "Ecole de Paris".

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