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Pavel Lazarev

Pavel Lazarev

1960 - present

Since childhood, Pavel Lazarev (B.1960) has been a gifted artist, yet he didn't have formal training until later life. Trained as an interior designer, his painting hobby became purposeful work in 1981, when he began to study in one of the best Moscow art schools- The School of 1905. Simultaneously with his studies, Lazarev worked in the art fund of Podolsk workshops as a designer until 1990. In 1990, Lazarev decided to commit to fine art painting full-time. The formation of his personal approach to painting was greatly influenced by the French painters of the late 19th Century, the impressionists, post impressionists, and expressionists. He was also heavily influenced in his homeland by Russian symbolism; artists M. Vrubel and V. Serov. In addition, the work of Van Gogh has played a large part in shaping Lazarev's technique. Lazarev's method is distinguished by the powerful colors, often placing bold strokes close to each other, in a chain-like pattern, giving forth a vibrating rhythm. Occasionally the artist will incorporate non-traditional materials such as dirt or sand to achieve the exact texture that he is striving for. He is attempting to express the celebration of life, and of nature, through his brilliant brush strokes and colors. The crux of Pavel Lazarev's work lies in his ability to marry the vibrant colors and untamed compositions with such harmony.

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