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Peter Van Berkel

Peter Van Berkel


Peter Van Berkel was born in Rotterdam in 1956. At the age of four, when his mother was hospitalized, Peter went to live with his oldest brother, Jan Hovener in the picturesque village of Krabbendijke. Jan was twenty-four at the time and was a good painter. Peter was twelve, when he painted his first work of art. After attending several educational institutions, including a catering school, van Berkel decided to pursue a career in painting and traveled throughout Yugoslavia. While living in Zeeland, Van Berkel met several well known artists, including Lodwijk Bruckman, Frans Van der Heide, Henny de Korte and Rein Sievers. He was especially influenced by Van der Heide, and even traveled to Spain with him. Rein Sievers, a close friend of Jan Jovener, took an interest in Van Berkel and supported and advised him. Van Berkel is very successful and his paintings are often sold before they have properly dried. S He is represented in galleries throughout the United States.

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