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Susan R. Makin

Susan R. Makin

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In the early 1980s, Susan R. Makin left Europe for North America, an adventure that's ongoing... Her jobs have included teaching English to francophones in Québec, working in PR for the British government, coordinating bilingual educational programing for a Canadian TV Station, giving art instruction in French, consulting at several North American universities, leading group therapy on a psychiatric unit and creating new recreational programing at a premier US health spa. Makin's PhD is in interdisciplinary studies (psychology, sociology, arts therapies, and health and health care) with a focus on integrating the arts in psychotherapy. Her research in this area provides firm foundations for her careers as artist, author, and advisor—as do her world travels. Makin is also a School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) graduate, which might explain, in part, her original style and approach to artmaking. Makin was invited to represent Canada at the 2007 Florence Biennale, where she showed her specially prepared work, "Buon Appetito!". She also exhibited at two international art fairs in 2008: Toronto Art Expo in March, and the Artist Project, Chicago in April. In May, 2008, she launched DocSusan Creations. Due to popular demand, her cheerful images are now being carefully crafted onto a variety of products.

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