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Theodor Grust

Theodor Grust born 1859

Theodor Grust was born in Meissen, Germany in August 27, 1859. A genre painter, he was best known for his domestic interiors. In 1878 he attended the Dresden Academy of Art and studied under Theodore Grosses, an artist known for his "Biedermeier" style. After academy training, Grust traveled to Munich, Belgium and the Netherlands to expand his repertory of influences and technique. It was during the decade of the 1890's he accomplished most of his easel painting. After 1900 he returned to Meissen and was instrumental in the preservation and revival of the Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen, the first true porcelain factory in Europe established in 1720, with his introduction of new lines of domestic fine china with Art Nouveau and Jugendstill design.

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