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Vernon Grimmer

Vernon Grimmer


Born in Chicago, Vernon Grimmer graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago at the height of the great depression. Seeing little opportunity for easel painters he continued his education in industrial design and architecture at the Armour Institute (forerunner of the Illinois Institute of Technology) graduating with an advanced degree in 1935. Among his first employers was the WPA who hired him and his new bride, Ann Grimmer, to paint murals in Chicago for public buildings and schools. With the advent of WWII Grimmer designed transport vehicles for defense. After the war he directed his talents to building homes, factories and schools. He lived richly and although denied a career in painting he made the world a better place with his imaginative designs and buildings. His few remaining works date from the 1930's when he had the time to indulge his passion for art. Ref: Eve Sanford; "100 Years in Art" Recollections of the artist's daughter about her parents Vernon and Ann Radville Grimmer.

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