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William Benecke

William Benecke

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William Benecke was born in November 1934 in Chicago, Illinois and passed away in 2001. He had his formal art training at the Art Institute of Chicago and went to work at first as an illustrator for several of the major studios in Chicago and also worked as a staff illustrator for the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times. At the age of 24, he went to Mexico and lived there for ten years during which time he painted and also had a gallery. Studying and sketching trips in the 1974 and and 1988 brought him in touch with Paris, Strasbourg, Venice, Cote d'Azur, and the chateau region of the Loire Valley. He also made a study trip to Williamsburg in 1989. Owners of his paintings include several well-known figures such as Bob Hope, Ryne Sandberg, Walter Payton, and the late Dan Blocker.

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