Cafe Bistro

order topamax pills by Rip Matteson

mirnite 15 price Size: 28 x 24

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$ 4,900.00 $ 2,900.00

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Rip Matteson Biography

There are career artists, there are lifelong artists, and then there is Rip Matteson. Rip knew at a young age he wanted to be a painter. Born in 1920, and growing up in Oakland, California near the University of California's Berkeley campus, he was mesmerized by the beauty of the natural world. He studied at San Jose State and from there received a scholarship to study at the Scuola di Belle Arte in Rome. He later received Master of Arts and Ed.D. degrees from Berkeley. He established the art education program at the newly opened Monterey Peninsula College in 1949 and taught at Laney College in Oakland until his retirement from teaching in 1983. Since then, he has concentrated his efforts and energy on depicting the beauty of women in figure and life studies, portraits, and genre. He has said his work depicts "a love affair with art and the celebration of the female form and face."


Rip Matteson Paintings

Cafe Bistro

Size: 28 x 24

$ 4,900.00


Size: 14 x 20

$ 4,500.00