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SERVICES INCLUDE: Cleaning and Repair of Damaged Paintings

Trained as an art conservator, Nick Vahlkamp has become one of the leading experts in art conservation, consultation and appraisal in the Midwest. He offers a careful, state of the art approach to restoration of both historic and contemporary paintings and more than 30 years of expertise. Contact Nick at Chicago Fine Art Company, phone 847-780-4197 to review your own artwork for restoration services.

Rediscovered Old Masters sees the light of day

You may be surprised to know Kamp Gallery provides museum quality painting conservation services not only to its own customers but to university museums, other art galleries, and individual private collectors. We gladly solicit your inquiry about paintings in your home, office or institution which may benefit for an experienced conservators’ judgement about how your art can benefit from professional care.

In this simple side by side comparison the results of restoration indicate why so many people assume, incorrectly, that “Old Master” means dark and gloomy.

This Dutch painting from the 18th century was originally an Enlightenment era, clear-eyed view of the bounty of nature with a simple farmhouse in the background. Perhaps because of damage to the canvas near the farmhouse it was over painted along with much of the sky and became a Romantic era pseudo-baroque composition.  Changes in “taste” or fashion alter our perception of the world; restoration brings us back to reality.

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